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Maybe it would be eating and sleeping... if they get bored with that they might approve 1 or 2 cases.

Originally Posted by arihant
I keep hearing that DOL has allocated more resources to entering data. Does it really take so much effort to perform data entry. One of our customer is a large multinational company that has hired a few interns to convert huge stacks of paper files into electronic format by manually entering data into the system. These paper files go back decades, and these 5-6 interns have been making great progress.

In contrast, how long does it take to enter 300K cases into the system? Besides, if they have hired about 100 additional people or so, why are they using case reviewers to enter data? Can't they use interns to perform such low-skill job while continuing to use reviewers to perform their primary task?

My company recently interviewed a fresh computer science college graduate who is working with DOL in entering data. I wish we had hired him so that I could talk to him more about his job duties there.
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