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Default Could this be possilbe?

Sent an email to PBEC a month ago asking about my case status. Got their response today. They assigned me a case number, which seems to be generated on the 157th day of 2005 (P-05157-54869 ). However, my lawyer hasn't received any 45-day letter. Can this be possible?

My PD is April 2004. Filed from Delaware. Anybody knows a similar case?

Below is the email reply from PBEC:
Dear Requestor:

The subject case P-05157-54869 has been received by the Philadelphia Backlog Elimination Center and is currently awaiting further review by a Backlog Elimination Center analyst. Due to the large volume of LC Applications currently being processed by the Backlog Elimination Center; we are unable to provide you with an exact processing time. If you need additional information, please visit the following Internet website:

There is no need to submit multiple requests. If you have not already received one, the next notices that you will receive from this office will be a 45-Day Letter and a Selection of Continuation Option letter.

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