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Hi msp1976

Why do you say 2001 folks would get NOF? Im a 2001 Aug but non-rir. Got my 45 DL in Dec 05 but nothing after that. My case was a SWA xfr. Does your analysis only apply to RIR?


Originally Posted by msp1976
I have analyzed the tracker from Rajiv Khanna's site. Here are some inputs.

Cases transferred from federal offices :
There is no set trend in processing of these cases. There are a substantial number of approvals.

Cases transferred from SWA offices :
There is clear trend here. The last 3/4 months PBEC has sent out approvals from mid 2002. There are a number of PD June 2002 approvals and some PD July, august, september '02. There is an effort to push mid 2002 cases in PBEC.
The folks left over from 2001 may receive NOF or some query. I am not sure.
If you are a SWA cases from 2001 you should be talking to someone...your lawyer...employer...
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