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Originally Posted by dhirajs98

What kind of letter you received from DOL? DId you change the address after filing your labor? I have changed it so many times but I did use AR-11 form last time to update the address when I moved to a new address. I have not received any document from DOL.

But the real question is cna you file I-140 or I-1485 based on the the doc you recd. .. probably not.

I am not sure what I can do .. I wanted to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently as suggested by my attorney (R Khanna).

All the best!!!!
Hi dhirajs98,

The letter from DBEC says my Labor is certified. We cannot file any further paperwork until our lawyers receive original documents, namely, ETAs. Even I had changed home address last Januray. I am thankful to US Mail that they still have my address change request active in their system even though it has been more than stipulated 2 months.

I have a fair amount of confidence that your letter is lost in address change jungle. Looks like a chronic case of one entity not talking to the other, ideally we would expect filling AR-11 should do it, but unfortunately it does not.

BTW my labor was approved in EB2 TR PD = 03/05 category.

Good luck to u2.
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