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Originally Posted by Almond
I think he is because this thread is in "backlog processing center". And even if he weren't stuck there, I still don't think banning of someone who is sad because these news are setting their own case back is fair. We've all been waiting for so long, some of us are operating on bitterness and misery so give compassion not banning.
I agree with you Almond. We have all been through tough times and been frustrated. My I-485 reached USCIS on July 2. I have reached the I-485 stage after 8 long years of waiting. I can totally understand bigtime007's frustration.
The next goal for IV would be to ramp up the fund drive and push for visa number recapture from past years. That would help alleviate the BEC fiasco.

Can we request admins to un"ban" bigtime007 ?

Now back to doing some real work. Almost the whole day has been spent on IV website.
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