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Originally Posted by file485
haven't you heard 'keep your friends close..keep your enemies closer'...blocking the channel might not help...

there is an online petition happening here..

after we have seen what can be achieved, I don't think so it will be really tough to make it clear..
I already signed the petition but it is also important that we stop watching them. Don't visit since it's advertising is based --in a way-- on the number of hits. Don't buy time magazine since it is affiliated with CNN. During casual conversation, if the topic is about news, make it a point to tell your friend that you are doubting the integrity of CNN since some of it's shows are anti-immigrant --both legal and illegal. If you are lucky(or unlucky) to be included in a survey about "NEWS NETWORKS", leave a comment and be specific that you don't like CNN because it supports "Lou Dobbs." This small things might not mean a lot but it's a step to the right direction.
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