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Originally Posted by psk79
Hi Guys,

Please post any July 2nd cases on this thread so that we all know if there really are any rejections. All I heard in the past few days was "A friend of mine got rejected on 2nd... My friend's friend got his rejected..Somebody got rejected..."

I didn't see a single post from anyone who got their OWN 485 REJECTED when they filed on July 2nd.

So please post your information as to when your app is received at USCIS.

Mine reached USCIS on July 2, 2007 @ 10AM via FEDEX.

Mine reached on July 2nd 9:01 AM. I don't think they must have rejected any application. I think, if someone is saying "rejected" means USCIS refused to accept the fedex, in which case package should be returned back to lawyers in 3/4 days.
If your package was accepeted by USCIS then it would be on hold and based on yesterday's news, now it should be ready for processing. I am checking this with couple of lawyers and I will update this thread with anything I find out.
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