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Default - Shocking Post

I just received an email from this guy who runs the website I wanted to reply and abuse him, but probably the new Gandhi in me subdued my efforts.

His comments on Indian woman and India being a backward country stings my heart. Just wanted a release and posting it you all." to me
show details 5:29 pm (1 hour ago)

<<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER No. 1730 -- 7/18/2007 >>>>>

In the recent newsletter titled "H-1Bs take to the streets to protest" I
discussed a protest that was carried out by a bunch of angry H-1Bs in San
Jose. That story is only the tip of the iceberg however -- H-1Bs and some
large law firms are filing a barrage of lawsuits over the same issue.

In summary, the State Department announced that new applications for green
cards would be accepted in early July, but soon afterwards the USCIS
announced that they would no longer accept applications for green cards.
The USCIS rejected the applications saying the yearly limit of 140,000
employment-based green cards been met. It's tough to say what is really
going on, but one thing for sure is that there is a huge backlog of visas
waiting to be approved.

Nothing in the articles I have seen mentioned security delays for
background checks, but that is one of the factors causing the backlogs. I
discussed that problem in detail in "Terrorist doctors, No. 1724 --

There are at least two lawsuits being filed. One is by Gabriela Ptasinska,
an H-1B from Poland, and the other is a class action lawsuit that is being
funded by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

These protests and law suits are much to do about nothing. The H-1Bs that
are here aren't going to be deported if there are delays getting their
green cards. H-1B visa holders can stay in the U.S. as long as they need to
if they have filed for a green card. That provision was instituted by
President Bush and is called the "7th Year Extension".

H-1Bs are mad as hell, but only because they don't want to wait a few more
months for their green cards. There are other reasons to, like for instance
getting green cards allows family members to get jobs. Remember that
families of H-1Bs often can't get authorization to work in the U.S. Of
course that means more workers will be dumped into our labor market.

Elayedath scrambled to arrange the necessary medical exams, get his
parents and in-laws in India to FedEx documents and work with his
attorney to fill out mounds of paperwork. Getting his green card
meant his wife could finally get a job, he said, and they would
have some security in deciding such matters as whether to start
a family.

Don't get confused by thinking this is some kind of women's rights issue.
Most Indian wives must give their paychecks to their husbands. Handing out
green cards isn't going to help to liberate women that are brought here as
wives from backwards countries like India. Read this for more info:,0105-sanchez.shtm
Feminist Argument For H-4B Work Visas
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