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Default Women are backward?? Where??

Originally Posted by Aah_GC
Thanks Friends.

The reason I subsribed to was to get some really good updates - this moron used to research and inform every little thing about the most novel issues with a bill / amendment, every immigration lobby in the congress and was in a way helping me build my knowledgebase . I found this a bit too much to digest though.

Also, there is a lesson here. Most of these anti-immigration groups focus their energy on what they don't want - and they keep creating what they don't want. And they should actually learn something from Gandhigiri, focus on what you want, explain your case patiently, create a critical mass and desist from violence and abuse. (Actually, its the mindset here to be anti-everything. Fight against Terror, instead of being FOR peace, Fight against drugs, Fights against guns, Fight against Weapons of Mass Destruction .. the list goes on)
Women in India are backward??? How about this.....the leader of the ruling party in India is a woman. The future president of India is a woman. The prime minister with longest duration in the office was a woman (Indira Gandhi). Top boss at Pepsi is an Indian woman. The female astronut, who created history recently, is a woman of Indian origin. And now we say that Indian women are backward??? This great land is yet to see a lady President. Can somebody reply to this tunnel-visioned imbecile moron, educating him a little about Indian women?
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