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Default I did it several times...

Originally Posted by she81
Any advice? Anything at all?
But it did not help much. Basically, when you call PBEC if you come across the switch board operator, who usually sits in the forenoon sessions, you will not have any luck at all. She would ask you to send any queries/questions thru your attorney. I called both DOL and PBEC numbers several times. DOL people, while souding helpful, always said that they are helpless. As for PBEC, most times, I ran into this operator who gruffly told me to talk to my lawyer. I did talk to someone other than the switch board operator on a few occassions and they did give me some useful information. I then used that information to pester my attorney to take some action. I found it is generally best to call on Wednesdays/Thursdays during afternoon sessions. This is just my personal observation. In your case, there is nothing wrong in trying, is there? It is better to try and fail than not trying at all...

My LC application with a PD of Dec 2002 has been rotting at PBEC and finally ad for my case started appearing on AJE web site last week. My attorney has not received any thing at all. Mind you, in my case the recruitment efforts were completed long before it was forwarded to PBEC. It is precisely for this reason my application was 'unfit' for conversion to RIR. They now insist upon doing recruitment all over again. Neither my employer nor my attorney is ever involved in thid PBEC recruitment. The horror never ends...

Go ahead and call. You might get lucky and actually talk to the analyst. When you start your conversation do not start off with request for information. Say that you found a problem with your case in screenshot or something like that. Any thing that makes your conversation separate from the rest. Goodluck.

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