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Originally Posted by fairboy
Here is a bit of background. BEC's have been using a web site named 'America's Job Bank' (AJB) for posting job listings for cases that have not been converted to RIR. Effective 31st July AJB site is being discontinued and a new site named 'America's Job Exchange' (AJE) will become its successor. BECs have already started using this new site. Here is how to check if your job is posted or not:
1. Go to
2. In the keywords field, enter the first few characters of your ETA case number. If your case is in PBEC and has a ETA case number such as P-xxxxx-xxxxx, then you would enter either Pxx* or xxx*. Do not enter any hyphen character and do not forget the '*' character at the end.
3. Choose 'National' radio button and click 'Search Now' button.
4. You will find a bunch of listings under the company name 'Team Exceed'. This is probably the company to which BEC cases have been outsourced for adjudication.
5. Play around with different combinations of letters of your ETA case number. You may also click on 'Team Exceed' link on the results page to see a complete list of jobs posted by BECs.

Have fun

Thanks so much, fairboy.

I will try your steps...
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