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Default Changing employer (H1B transfer) with i-140 and I-485 pending for less than 180 days


I believe someone already asked a similar question but I just want to describe my exact situation:

- My LC (EB3) got approved on July 2007, PD is March 2007 - Company A
- My I-140 and I-485 were filed concurrently on July 2007 - Company A
- I work as a contractor and my client (Company B) is offering me a full-time job and would like me to join on Sept 2007
- I still have 4 years on my H1B

With the assumption that my current employer (Company A) will give full cooperation on my current GC process, if I join company B on H1B transfer now, can I possibly invoke AC21 later after my I-140 gets approved and I-485 is pending for more than 180 days?

I'll greatly appreciate any comments.
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