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Default TR Case - EB3 - Case closed due to lawyer non response


With regards to my original post below my lawyer got back to me today with something bizarre -
She received a case closure letter from the Backlog center in July 2007 and they sent a copy of the application we had originally filed. In it, the company address has been struck out and another address (70 miles from where we are) was hand written. She faxed me a copy of this and it is nothing short of bizarre. Does DOL actually make changes like this on their own without a confirmation letter from the Company or attorney. I know my attorney would not do such a thing unless we had requested it. Also, the new address was a company (totally different name) that specialized in pool plastering - nothing to do with Computer engineering which is my area. Currently she's placed a call to the backlog center and since they don't answer calls directly we are waiting to hear back from them. Additionally she's writing to them too. Has anyone been in such a situation and can IV help in addressing this with any agency?


***** ORIGINAL POST ******

My PD is Dec 2002 (on 8th year H-1 extension and just applied to renew H-1 again) and my company recd the 45-day letter in April 06 and responded in time. I checked my case status in July 07 and it displayed case closed. I called my lawyer and basically the response I got was she did not respond in time to a rescruitment instructions report sent by DOL in March 07 and hence the case was closed. My company has been supportive through this process and its only my lawyer whose been horrible.

While part of me wanted to do strangle her, the other part (guessing the sendible part) made me realize I needed to get this resolved.

1. Have any of you been in this situation and had your case reopened and if so, how?

2. Can I change my attorney in this situation and have him/her try to get the case reopened?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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