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Default USCIS wants more and more and!!!

The frustration of everyone is understandable. The rules have been consciously framed to be complicated and to ensure that INS gets a contnuous flow of cash! This is the only country which insists on the companies to process GCs! In the process, many of us have been exploited and whipped by our employers and we have all ended up paying thousands of dollars as legal fees! The hope however...continues..We Indians are fatalists

Look buddies, all of us know that the July 2007 fiasco was artificially created with the SOLE purpose of making money! This has ofcourse provided a certain amount of psychological relief to many, including myslef!

Well here is my take on this...instead of suggesting INS to reject and harass us more, why can't we propose something positive... ??? Just think...

Clear the pending 485 backlog by collecting $ 5000 per head subject to a maximum of $ 15000 per family !!!

For all EB3 cases, if their overall stay in the USA has exceeded 7 years, they must be permitted to file 485 for a fee - say $ 3000, subject to a maximum of $9000 per family. After 2 years of filing 485, people who have already paid $ 3000 should be given GCs by collecting a fee of $ 2000 per head, subject to a max of $ 6000 per family!

In the process INS and this cash starved treasury can make tonnes of money and we can also see some light at the end of the tunnel!

Note: I spoke to a friend of mine on this..this is what he commented - "I am prepared to pay even # 1000 moe than what you have propsoed,but I want to get out of this tension and mess"

Any thoughts or RED dots....ha ha ha

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