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Default N-400: Pending Name Check

I've also found more details about Name Check at
Name check:

Name check addendum:

Name Check vs FOIPA:

1. Did anyone use the following phones to check the status of their Name Check case:

FBI Name Check Status (Main Line) (202) 324-3625
FBI NNCP Public Inquiry Voice Line (202) 324 2399
FBI Name Check Inquiry Fax (202) 324-3367 (Mention Name/DOB/A#/Ph#/Addr#/Email/Fax)

2. If someone used the FBI Name Check Inquiry Fax how long did it take for them to get back to you (if ever).

3. Has anyone requested their FOIPA and if so how long did that take to receive a response?

My wife and I both have filed forms N400 in October of 2006 in Minnesota (Nebraska Processing Center). USCIS received our applications on October 10th, 2006. On October 18th both of us received the fingerprints requests, which have been processed on October 27th. My wife’s case has been approved in February of 2007. She had her citizenship interview on March 16th, 2007 and became the US citizen on April 11th, 2007 after taking the Auth of Allegiance.

I have not heard anything about my case since the fingerprints appointment. I have tried calling the USCIS Customer Service Number but they did not have any updated information about my case. I have also spoken with the Immigration Officer in the local USCIS office (InfoPass appointment) on July 27th, 2007. I have learned during that interview that my case is pending due to the FBI Name Check. The estimate that has been given to me was as long as 3 to 5 years, maybe more.

So as of now my application is pending together with 320,000 others. Well since it's been pending for almost a year now I'm a proud member of 152,000 who had been waiting for more than six months, slowly moving to join more than 61,000 lucky ones that had been waiting for more than two years. Hence my next question.

4. Did anyone hear the Name Check clearing between one year and two? Based on all of the people I've talked to it either took just a few months or more then 2 years. Seems to me once they put your file in that special pile it will not take less than 2 years.

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