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Default you ARE entitled to contact your attorney!!!

I140 or H1-B is another story, but, I485 is solely your application. You are entitled to talk to the attorney who sent your application (and put his/her name as a contact to USCIS) BY LAW. For I485 he/she is representing you, thus have to reply to your inquiries. It might even be ILLEGAL for the attorney to give info about your I485 to your employer.

How you can make your employer convinced about this? You might show evidence. Your initial aggrement with the attorney will help, too.

Originally Posted by sivanu View Post
Too much of patience needed for this. My lawyer sent the papers on july 2nd. Still no word about the Receipt notice. I can see an LUD on July 28th on my approved I140. my 140 starts with SRC.... Anyone similar to my case.

Sub. Labor - Priority date aug 5th 2004.
i140 approved.
485 package sent on 2nd july. i dont know when/whether they receieved it.

My company doesn't allow me to interact directly with the lawyer. is there anyway i cna find out whats going on....
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