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Default L1 getting married to a Green Card Holder

Dear members,

I am in the US since 2006 on L1 (Blanket) Visa and working for an Indian IT company at Client Sites. My fiance has got Greencard and it will take four more years for her to become a citizen. If I get married can I continue to be in the US if my L1 gets expired (L1 expires on 2009) .

I have heard that if a person currently residing in US on non-immigrant visas like L1 gets married to a greencard holder,he can start his GC processing and he can get an EAD (just after marriage) and continue to stay and work here. Is this correct? If so how much time it would take for me to get an EAD

If the above info is not correct then what would be the best possible way for me to continue here..Your replies are much wanted for me...Please give in your valuable suggestions..

Many Thanks in Advance,
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