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Default A decision for all of us to make

I think many of us have this decision to make - is it worth waiting years on an elusive GC or is it time to head back home ( if u are from a place like India where there is a job boom going on presently, it may make a lot of sense).

How do we know that our current frustrations will be justified down the road? What makes us so sure that we will have a better life here? Once the 11 million illegals have been assimilated and all the high tech and manufacturing jobs have been outsourced, what will be left here? Isn't it better to get back now and try to benefit from the boom rather than miss the opportunity back home?

Hard questions with no easy answers. At least, when retrogression hit the last time in the 90s the decision was more clear - you just grit your teeth and wait your turn for GC.

This time, it is not so clear as we are constantly wondering whether waiting is in our best long-term interest!

Personally, I will wait 3 more years while I fine tune plans b and c to be implemented after that if GC remains elusive. Good luck to everyone!
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