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Default L1 to H1 Transfer - New rules?

Originally Posted by AMITAT007 View Post
My H1 approval & L1 extension both have I94.
H1 notice dt May 17, 2007, I-94 valid from Oct 1,2007
L1 extn notice dtd June 27, 2007, I-94 valid from Sept 10, 2007

according to you the H1 is valid? What should I do now. Is it ok for me to go to mexico & get L1 visa. (as my visa has expired). I had planned of visiting mexico by sep 30, but i met an accident.

What do u suggest
Are there any new rules for L1 to H1 transfer with regards to joining date to the H1 employer?
I know many cases where folks have transferred from L1 to H1 but never used the H1. They have continued to use the old L1 and went back to India after 8-10 months.
I heard someone say there is a new rule that one has to join the new employer within 60 days of the approval or else you are out of status.
Could someone please throw some light.
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