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Originally Posted by arihant
I think many of us have this decision to make - is it worth waiting years on an elusive GC or is it time to head back home ( if u are from a place like India where there is a job boom going on presently, it may make a lot of sense).

How do we know that our current frustrations will be justified down the road? What makes us so sure that we will have a better life here? !
Good Points here.. I am sure every one of us that have been here long enough have heard stories about spectacular salaries / successes in India and other developing markets. In the early 70's / 80's this was a risky and hence a rewarding venture. Now it has become more tried and tested and hence the rewards are not that great.

I always wonder what would have happened if M.K. Gandhi decided to apply for residency in UK, or Ambani decided to stay in the Middle East (where he was working before coming back to India).. and there are numerous other examples.. And 20 years or so from now, there will be cases where newer Gandhis / Ambanis are formed.. The question for us is, will we be too narrowly focused to open the doors of opportunity in this direction? Are we open minded enough to see that good in India right now?
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