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Originally Posted by sunny1000 View Post
Biometrics is not needed for EAD. I received mine with "NO fingerprint available" marked on the card. Please call them back or get another infopass and this time, you might be lucky to talk to somone who knows what they are saying. Or just may be, they changed the rule on the fly a few days ago regarding biometrics and EAD.
Hi, I didn't receive my EAD after the 90 days and my lawyer caller the customer service center and they told her that it hasn't been issued because I haven't gotten FPed for it even though I have gotten my FP done for the 485. Is this right? I have never heard of a separate FP needed for an EAD. I am really confused and despite several attempts to make an infopass appointment with the local office I keep getting "no appointments available" notice. My another question is can I get an appointment in an office that doesn't service the region? I live in Southern CT and New Rochelle, NY is the service center that I got my biometrics done and since I didn't get a date putting my own zip code in - I put New Rochelle's zip in it and it gave me openings in New York City. So, can I go see an officer in New York City even though that is not my local office?

Please help, I need to get my EAD soon since my job is waiting for it.
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