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Originally Posted by jainGC View Post
Hi All

I am not sure how VISA Grants (GC Approvals) works, but My PD is Mar 6th, as per today's bulletin update its 1st MAR?

As per the Operation of the Numerical Control Process (PDF) at Visa Bulletin with Grouping Logic my dates should be correct.

The information reads as -- The cut-off dates are the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of a month, since VO groups demand for numbers under these dates. (Priority dates of the first through seventh of a month are grouped under the 1st, the eighth through the fourteenth under the 8th, etc.) --

Do I have any hopes?

Any help is appreciated...
Theoretically, you should be considered as Current in August and expect to be approved as per the logic you have mentioned, which I have referred in another posting of mine. However, many people think otherwise as you can see from notes by various postings here. Therefore, if you happen to get GC in August, let everyone know so that we will at least know what the USCIS/DOS practice is. USCIS practice is often wrong which we all know. They can approve someone who is not even current, whereas others will be waiting with all clearances and current dates. So, keep your fingers crossed and pray that they do it right.
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