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Originally Posted by Jimi_Hendrix
I believe that the latest visa bulletin is hard evidence that the retrogression quagmire has worsened and will continue to worsen. Have you made any effort to cash in on this latest evidence? Have you presented this to all these 'influential' contacts you are speaking to? If you have, has it yielded any tangible assurance?

Please respond ASAP. Thank you for your time.
Maybe you are new to this forum, but if past experience is anything to go by logiclife and company are ahead of all of us and will have latched on to it long before anybody else in this forum even thinks about it. Its just that they dont expend their energy proclaiming it from the rooftops. Also realise that there is no way they can get "tangible assurances" from lawmakers.. even prez bush cannot get tangible assurances from congress (else CIR would have been law by now), let alone mortal "aliens" like us.

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