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Default Indian passport renewal in NY

I applied for a new passport(as my 10 year validity is expiring in Jan 2008) at CGI NY in person on 10/04/2007 along with my wife's passport. My wife's passport got renewed within 3 working days(She applied for name change in 2003) but mine did not. Apparently, CGINY needs to get clearence from India(Hyderabad) so that these guys can give me a new passport.

Long story short, the customer service people at CGINY are not quite helpful in getting me the information. These guys don't really know what is going on with my application. I could get some info from India. When I got my passport for the first time(Hyderabad), the records were not computerized and so, these guys at CGINY dont have any information about my passport records.

Passport offices in India will get a request for clearence from abroad if anyone applies for renewal(and the applying person's records are not computerized) and Indian office has to verify the records and send the clearence. It has been close to 2 months since I applied and I even went for an interview with the consular in NY. Even this guy doesn't want to give me any time line.

The funny thing is, whenever I call CGINY to request status, they always ask me to come for an interview. When I ask them what the interview is related to, then they always reply me that the consular can give more information like status. I am not sure why these people can't give out the info. Also, for every call, they ask me whether my status is legal in US or not. I have my VISA stamped until 2010 and I have EAD.

Has anyone experienced similar stuff? If so, how long did it take to get the passport? Will CGINY people call when the passport is ready or do we have to keep calling them to get status info?

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