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Originally Posted by kaisersose View Post
In short, you will be fine unless an RFE is issued for your 140 (ability to pay, education requirements, etc). But these problems can usually be known ahead of time as you know your education credentials + the employer's 'demonstrable' ability to pay. If these are not problems in your case, you should be OK.

If the business unit is closed down and there is an RFE, will the company still respond to the RFE? if Yes, you are fine again. Else your 140 will be denied.

If you filed in TX, there is a good chance your 140 will come through within 180 days. But if you filed in NE, then it is almost certain that your 140 will not see the light of the day anytime soon.

The NE situation may actually help in some way as you can consider getting a new PERM and 140 from the new employer and replace the 140 for your existing 485 app. But I think USCIS has problems with multiple 140s filed at the same time. This is something you may want to check with your lawyer.
"kaisersose"...thanks a lot for the informative response as well.. One quick question and comment though (this is the same one I asked logiclife as well sorry for repeating it again here)..I work for American firm fairly well known and respected (And yes they are only terminating the business unit i work in, and they have assured us that they will respond to the RFE's as far as possible). You mention verifying my I-140 petition file and see if there is any liklyhood of an RFE. What if I do find any issues in the file (which I dont think should be there..), is there anyway the issue can be corrected before I get terminated?
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