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Originally Posted by WAIT_FOR_EVER_GC View Post
Who needs GC
If people think that life back in india or in their home country is better than the US then why are they lining up in the GC queue.

Do not take GC as convenience, it has much more value.. Your children are safe, You do not have to bribe the telephone, electricity department to provide the facilities to your house in America. Basic necessities are provided without any hassle

1)The world economy runs on the US economy.
2) OIL is traded in US dollars and will always be that way so that there is always a flow and need of the dollar.
3) Oil is the cheapest in this country except the oil bearing countries.
4)You have jobs in every field here. In India the IT sector is coming up. Other sectors are at the same level.

The list is long so .... It is not a convenience...
The best point brought about in this whole discussion. We all know getting a GC is not easy. Its harder than it should be and contradictory to the principles that shapes the US. It is enscribed on Lady Liberty "Bring your tired, your sick, your meek and your poor... etc." Now it seems like, "we don't even want your most talented to stay here.. they can work here.. but that's about it..."

We all want a GC for the convenience of Travel, career mobility, global mobility and for the lifestyle that comes with all of those things. The US has its problems, but you will get steady power, steady water, safe roads, advancement opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, etc.

Let me tell you how it works in a former Soviet republic... if the power is on - great, its off - horrible.. if you want to live anywhere remotely liveable with amenities you will pay an arm and a leg... you want to take out your savings - tough break, the bank CFO is actually an Assemblyman's son and he has wired all Deposit interest accounts to a Zurich and has himself fled; someone hits your car because they ran a stop sign - you are out of luck because that guy knows the prosecutor's son and all of a sudden you are at fault and have to pay for his car, you want to start your business - prepare to pay bribes to government inspectors every month otherwise they will bust you, prepare for a 90% tax bracket, prepare for some oligarch to come along and offer you cents on the dollar for your business and muscle you right out..

THe list can go on forever... we all want a green card so that we and our offspring and eve relatives have a better life... should it be easier? YES! But we have to deal with what we have and use the system to our advantage..
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