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Default Like your optimism

Venky ,

good to hear your positive approach toward future . But realistically , i wonder how long does it take for a new innovation to get outsourced . AS Narayana murthy said , there would not be anything which does not need human contact in coming future that cannot be out sourced ...(not exact words but with same intent

Originally Posted by venky08 View Post
Your are thinking under two assumptions:

1. There is nothing left for innovation in the tech field. so no new job creation is expected in the future.

2. There will be more supply of tech workers which will surpass the job creation rate (if in any amount) thereby depressing the wages.

who is to know that your assumptions are correct?

Whereas the reality is the job creation has been exponentially growing because of emerging technologies and the will to immigrate to US is surely on decrease and add reverse brain drain to it.
but there is increasing work force on the other side world who is dreaming to come here i feel the rate of reverse brain drain will be less that influx as long as the demand exist.

So for next 5-10 years it will become increasingly difficult to find talented people as they will be evaporated from the market because of 65K H1B cap for last 3 years and a huge outflux of talented professionals.

I said this before in my previous posts and i will say it again. I you are worth your salt and know what you are doing, you will be worth your weight in gold in coming years. Stick to the fight and get your GC.

--- i should stop going to GYM so can i weigh more

(BTW, for these opinions, i am inspired by a recent book i read on globalization- The world is Flat by Thomas Friedman. I think it shall be a must read for every H1B to GC applicant)

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