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Originally Posted by gjoe View Post
I think we should ask them something like "When it takes 7-10 yrs for a legal immigrant to get his green card, what would be your estimate for illegal immigrants to get their green card / citizenship when they are sent to the back of the line as per your plan? Don't you think that there are more serious issues with the immigration dept (USCIS) which is one of the causes for long waits legal immigrants face? If so do you have any plans of taking a first step to fix the agency (USCIS) problems before implementing CIR, which could break the agency because of the additional 13 million application from illegal immigrants?"
This is an excellent question! Very well phrased. Our plight will only be addressed in a national debate if is there is some connection to illegal immigration, which is unfortunate.
If the present delays are not eliminated, the system will crash. Simple as that. The next debate will not be after Super Tuesday I believe. Maybe after then, there will be a consensus on the specific question we should ask. But yours is definitely excellent.
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