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Originally Posted by Munna Bhai View Post
This is true but do remember the following:

1.your "approved" I-140 can be revoked any time.
2.Your I-485 can be denied for any reason.

so it's must that if you leave current job, do maintain good relationship with GC sponsor employer, you still need their support to have a smooth sail.
Hi MunnaBhai,
I thought revocation of approved I-140 after 180+ days of 485 will not affect the 485 application (provided the ported job is same/similar). Is that right?

Of course I understood your and pappu's basic point that EAD+AP+485 that is pending 180 days+AC21 does not really equal greencard because there are still many things that can go wrong. But on paper, the revocation of I140 itself should not affect - let me know if I am wrong in my understanding.

Staying at the sponsored company till GC approval may be best (from GC point of view) - but if we have to change, AC21 is a good thing. But I heard some stories which makes me nervous - one such story is someone's 485 was rejected without NOID (notice of intention to deny) and he came to know only when EAD renewal was rejected. The reason given was that underlying I140 was revoked - even though his 485 was pending 180+ days. I read this story somewhere, not sure what happened. Maybe an appeal might have corrected it but its still pain. AC21 can never really replace the peace of mind of having real GC. Also the provision of working in same/similar job and its interpretation is vague and may not workout well for many.

Hope the drive by IV for admintrative reforms to avoid issues like as above will succeed and we can rest a bit more peacefully.
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