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Originally Posted by walking_dude View Post
Dear Friend,

As an Employment-based (EB) Green Card applicant, or a future applicant, I hope you are aware of the following issues faced by us.

1) 140,000 total numbers per year worldwide vs. 1 million applicants and their families waiting in the line. Some from 2001 and may be before that ! It's common sense that it will take at least 6 years to clear just the current backlog, if there were no per country quotas.

2) Per country quotas of 7% exacerbate the situation to applicants from high-demand countries like India, China, Mexico and Phillipines. Approximately just 10,000 visa numbers are available to India where as it's estimated that at least 44% of the applicants may be from India ( based on USCIS statistics of around 44% of H1bs being granted to India every year). As spouse and children are counted, considering 4 members per family, on an average only 2500 Indian applicants get Green cards in a year. As you can see the numbers are dismal.

Meaning, if you are from India, China, Mexico or Phillipines, you may have to wait 10 to 12 years to get your Green Card or more

3) Between USCIS and DOS (Department of State that runs the Visa bulletin) at least 20,000 visas get wasted every year, worsening the already BAD situation. For instance between 1994 and now 218,000 GCs were wasted by USCIS. If the trend continues, it may well mean 10+ years worldwide and 15+ years for India/China/Mexico/Phillipines

Now I know the problems ! What's the solution?

1) Increase worldwide EB GC numbers to 290,000 per year or more
2) Eliminate country quotas or increase them to rational levels such as 10%-15%
3) Exempt spouses and children ( dependents) from the GC quota (this will effectively double the quota)
4) Since USCIS inefficiency cannot be fixed by us, implement a 'Rollover' of unused visas to the next year(s)
5) Recapture the unused number of 218,000 visas . This may mean you'll get GC or at least see PDs jump forward by a few years (reducing your wait time tremendously)

I know the solution. But, pray, who'll bell the cat?

Fortunately for us, there is an organization that is working 100% exclusively for our cause. Immigration Voice ( - Home) a non-profit organization formed by EB immigrants to work for our cause. Starting with barely 200 members when it was formed in 2005, now it boasts a membership of 25,000 members and around 30 state chapters serving every US state with significant EB immigrant population.

Immigration Voice ( fondly called IV by it's members) lobbies the US Congress and USCIS to provide relief to us. They have hired a high-profile lobbying firm Patton Bloggs to do lobbying for our cause. In addition they also do grassroots lobbying at State chapter levels with the local Congressmen.

What's Lobbying? Is it Legal for non-citizens ?

Lobbying or 'Advocacy' is the act of Petitoning the US Government to redress issues faced by any person living in the United States. It's a right guaranteed by US Constitution (First Amendment) to every person living in the United States, citizen or not.

Just like you can argue your own case in a court of law (if you choose to do it), you can also lobby or petition the US Government on your own. If you chose so, you can also hire a professional lobbying firm to do it for you, just like you can hire a lawyer to represent you in the court. Both are legally guaranteed rights. It's common sense that a professional does a better job - be it an experienced lawyer or a lobbying firm. Getting professional help greatly increases the chances of success.

Boy, It must be really COSTLY to hire those DC Lobbyists?

You are right. They are costly, but IV has been managing to keep the effort funded through sacrifices of it's Leadership (IV Core group), voluntary contributions from it's members, local fundraising campaigns by State chapters and selling IV-branded merchandise.

Contributions are what keeps IV ticking and working for you.

I understand IV has been doing all this? Have they had any success so far? I don't want to invest in a campaign destined for failure !

IVs success record so far in the order of signifance to EB community

1) July Visa bulletin Reversal - Due to flip-flop by USCIS 350,000 applicants were denied the promised ability to file I-485 in July 2007. Chances are you might have been one of them ! We faced the grim prospect of losing thousands of dollars and countless hours of effort .

IV conducted 'Flower Campaign', i.e sending Flowers to USCIS director Emilio Ganzales to request redressal of this unfair decision (in the spirit of passive resistance movement of Mahatma Gandhi). It provided wide media coverage to the issue nationwide.

IV through it's California chapter, conducted the successful 'San Jose Rally' to highlight the isue to the Congressmen through the media. It also took an active role in petitioning San Jose Congresswoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren to help fix the issue. As it turns out Madame Lofgren, who also happens to be the Chairwoman of House sub-commitee on Immigration, was instrumental in forcing USCIS to rescind (revert) it's prior unjust decision ! An IV effort that paid rich dividends.

IV actively particpated in discussions with USCIS in deciding the modality of reversing the decision, and was the first group to announce it, even before USCIS and US Department of State !

IV Walked the Talk and helped the EB Community immensely

2) Sep 18th Rally in Washington DC. - Not content with the temporary relief of July, IV conducted the DC Rally which was attended by 2,000 IV members and others. IV members flew from far off states like California, Texas etc. to participate. 125 Congressmen were approached through 'Lobby Day' action carried out in parallel. Several prominent Congressmen participated in IV reception (held on 17th) and also spoke at IV rally, highlighting support from US Congressmen to the IV cause.

DC rally was a grand success strategically, and provided never-before visibility to the EB community in the Capitol.

3) Lobbying USCIS for administrative reforms - IV participated in the FBI Namecheck backlog reduction meeting ( currently approaching alarming figures with some waiting for 1-3 years), where USCIS announced increased FBI funding to expedite the checks and other process improvements to increase efficiency.

IV continues to lobby USCIS for the following reforms -

1) Increase validity of EAD/AP to 3 years from the current 1 year. It will result in a saving of at least $1400 per year for every EB immigrant family that has filed I-485
2) Relax USCIS strict determination of 'same and similar jobs' (defined by AC21 law) to provide job mobility and promotions

All right. Is there anything I can do to help IV?

Definitely ! IV is an organization of volunteers just like you and me. There are several ways you can help IV

Just spread the word. Forward this E-mail to all your friends waiting for GCs.

1) Join : IV website membership is FREE . IV forums are a good source for finding answers to Immigration related matters and exchange information. IV also conducts pro-bono (FREE) lawyer conferences for members on a regular basis.

Website link - - Home.
Member registration - Immigration Voice - Forum Rules

2) Contribute : As you have understood, Lobbying requires lot of funding. IV needs your support to keep the good work running.

You can contribute either one time or join as a monthly (recurring) contributor [preferred] here - - Questions on Contributions?

You can send ANY AMOUNT to IV as a contribution. All you need to do it create a PayPal account (if you don't have one), register a bank acount/Credit Card with PayPal (if not already done). Send money to IV using E-mail id -

3) Volunteer : If you are open to volunteering, you can join your local State Chapter of IV. State chapters conduct activities such -

a) Lawmaker meetings with Congressmen to discuss issues faced by EB immigrants
b) Fundraising at local Events
c) IV publicity through Flyers at public places & Events
d) Local media outreach to get media coverage for EB community

Benefits of joining : State Chapters provide more detailed coverage of IV updates issued from time to time than available at IV forums (restricted due to presence of anti-immigrants). They also provide updates early ( 2-3 days before stuff gets posted on IV)

How to join ? : Yahoo/Google groups for the State chapters are listed here. - Immigration Voice State Chapters ( Scroll to the bottom !)

Submit a request to join your State chapter with your - IV id, Full Name, E-mail, Telephone number (mandatory to filter anti-immigrants). State chapter leaders will call to verify and you are in ! ( some states may ask for more info, and may ask you to answer surveys)

You have covered it in detail. Yet, I have many unanswered questions! Whom should I contact to get more info?

Call - (202) 386-6250
Definitely had some dedicated and proactive members in 2007!
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