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Default Maximum amount of money parents can carry back from US to India. Is it $10,000 each?

What's the Maximum amount of money the parents of a h1b person can carry from US to India when they are returning after a visit on B1 visa? I heard it should be a dollar less than $10,000 per person. Somebody told me its $10,000 per party. Please answer this.
So if father & mother both are traveling back from US to India can they carry $9999 each in their hands while traveling through air? It will be $19,998 total for the party in total
While coming to US I heard you don't have to declare the money/currency you are bringing as long as they don't exceed $10,000. So if they are taking most of that money back along with some extra cash (total < 10k per person) is it safe to avoid any questions/complications with US TSA/ CBP?
Have anybody got into problems or delays?
I just want to have the right information handy just in case.
Please help by sharing the right answer. Thanks in advance
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