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Default I485 Based on marriage - outside normal processing times.

I am asking you for help with my immigration case.

I filled for my permanent residency (Green Card) in April 2009 as a “spouse of US citizen”.
We had interview with the USCIS district office at St. Louis in August 2009. The officer approved the case and told the Green Card will be sent soon.

However I've never got the green card.

I and my husband have been throw two Infopass appointment and also have written letters to Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman and Member of Congress Lacy Clay in St. Louis, MO.

Nobody seems to help us. We have been waiting more than a year.

I have all the service requests from the Customer Service 1-800 that were sending bunch of emails. They kept saying me that my case is under “additional review”.

The last person from the third level of Customer Service told me that this all is because I’m from Russia and USCIS send the request to my home city in Russia. I don’t believe this is true.

I have 6 cards from the post office after I send mails to the USCIS with delivery confirmation. However all my letters were correct and official written by me, nobody from USCIS answered me. I also send the official letter to the officer in charge Chester Moyer that never answered me also. I send to this person an official letter with number of my case and copy of the official USCIS documents. I have a card from the post office. No answer.

USCIS didn’t touch my case since August 2010.

My husband and I have the real marriage and we plan to have kids. All our relatives and friends know that. My Mom and friends came to join my marriage ceremony all the way from Russia.
I’ve never been illegal in the USA. I have no criminal records. I came here legally with K1 visa and we got married until the visa expiration date.

What else should I do? Can somebody please help me??? Should I sue the USCIS? (I really want to)
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