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Originally Posted by Lasantha View Post
According to this web site you do not need a visa if you are a US resident, as long as you visit as a tourist for 180 days (or less). Check it out.

Passport required.

Visa not required for a touristic stay of max. 180 days,
provided holding:
- proof of residence; and
- Tourist Card/FMT form issued (free of charge) by airlines,
travel agencies or on arrival.

Immigration officers will decide on max. period of stay.

Minors under 14 years of age, travelling alone, should be met
by an adult.

Visitor must hold:
- ticket and documents required for onward/return journey; and
- sufficient funds.

Non-compliance with entry regulations will result in fines for
carrier varying from USD 850.- to a maximum of USD 1800.-, and
deportation of passenger to country of origin at carrier's

That is only for green card holders. If you are an Indian citizen without green card - you need a visa. I have been to Mexico about three times - every time I had to get a visa. Before 9/11 it used to be very cool - at least in Seattle.
After that things got messy - last couple of times I had to wait about 4 - 5 weeks for the visa in Wash DC consulate.
I have heard things have improved in last one year.
BTW, none of them were to the border towns - I do not really know about the special visas for the border towns.
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