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Default Which USCIS office did you go?

Originally Posted by shankar_thanu View Post
I applied 485 on July2nd 2007, we never got the FP notice, I called up the USCIS inquiry number, opened two service requests, nothing happened. My lawyer sent a letter asking USCIS to look at our case, that was ignored as well. We finally got an Infopass appointment and went to the office today, after a little bit of confusion, we were told that the most likely cause was that we sent pictures along with our EAD applications and that confused CIS procedures and they missed sending us FP notices.

Cant believe this crappy explanation, but this is what we were told. We were told that usually they call people in for FP and take the pictures and then process the EADs. Anyway, it took all of ten minutes to figure this out and issue us an FP notice, there is no reason they couldnt have done this over the phone...

Good thing though is that not having the FP done does not stop then from processing the Name check and infact my wife's name check has been completed..

Hope that helps...

Which USCIS office did you go ? Did they schedule your FP or did you get your FP done there itself?

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