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Here is my story.
Our current employer has filed my 485 on mid August 2006, using my old PD(OCT 2000 EB3) from my previous employer derived from my old I140 which was approved and then withdrawn and later substituted by my previous employer.
We didn't even have the copy of the old approved I140 to show the proof.
My previous employer refused to share it with me. Anyhow, I had a letter USCIS mentioning my old I140 was approved and then withdrawn by my old employer. We have used this INS letter and a letter from my previous employer mentioning my labor and I140 was filed and then approved for our proof of old I140 approval.
When I left my previous employer in 2001, my previous employer's immigration department had emailed me in 2001, saying that I get only the PD when I leave the company, nothing else. Hence I am believing, this is not a new law. It is coming to limelight because of the retrogression.
My current I140 was filed with a substituted labor of someone in the current company. I will keep posted to this thread about my case.
My two employer's immigration department is of the view that PD gets attached to the migrant as soon as I140 is approved unless it is revoked for fraud.
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