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Originally Posted by sabrol View Post
I hope this is in the right thread....
Recently my parents sent in their passports to get renewed in New York. I was not in town so they took on this task themselves. They mailed the passports via USPS on March 7th, 2008. Its April 7th today and its been 1 month exactly without any word from the Indian Consulate. We tried calling numerous times and no one ever picks up. I sent an email a week ago and no one replied.

My parents are due to go back to India next month and time is really running short

What are my options? I really, really want to help my parents get their new passports.
Any suggestions would be great.
Thank you.
If they had sent their passports by express mail or priority mail with tracking, find out when they were delivered to the consulate in Newyork. With that you know that the passports did reach the consulate.

Then make a trip to the consulate in Newyork and deal with the consular officers. That should be the quickest way to resolve it.
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