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Default H1b RFE - its new

I have a Master's program in US and had 3 years previous work ex. Filed my H1B transfer on Sep, which was recently converted to premium processing. Got the RFE as listed below:

If it is your contention that the beneficialry is qualified to perform services in the specialty occupation yu have described through a combination of education, specialised training and/or work experience in areas related to the specialty . you must submit an evaluation from an official who has the authority to grant college-level credit for training and/or experience in the speciality at an accredited college or univeristy, which has a program for granting such credit based on an individual's training and/or work experience.

With the evaluation, the official must include a letter from the dean or provost of the official's affiliated education instutions, stating that the evaluating offical has the authoriity to grant college-level credit for training and/or experience. The dean or provost must also state in the letter whether the affiliated educational instutiion has a program for granting credit based on a indicidual's training and/or work experience, If the evealuator bases the evaluation partly or completely on the beneficiary's work experience. the evaluation must vlearly demonstate that:

) The beneficiary''s training and/or work experience included the theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge required by the specialty;

2) The claimed experience was gained while working with peers, supervisors, and/or subordinates who have a degree or equivalent in the specialty

3) The beneficiary has recognition of expertise in the specialty evidenced by at least one type of documentation

A) Recognition of expertise in the specialty occupation by at least two recognized authorities in the same specialty occupation;

B) Membership in a recognized foreign or United States association or society in the specialty

C) Published material by or about the alien in professional publications, trade journals, or major newspapers;

D) licensure or registration to practice the specialty occupation in a foreign country; or Achievements

if any one has similar problem please share

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