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It clearly says "evaluation from an official who has the authority to grant college-level credit for training and/or experience in the speciality at an accredited college or univeristy, which has a program for granting such credit based on an individual's training and/or work experience."

The above person is called a professor.

USCIS wants to know from a professor whether the job profile really needs the degree's you have i.e. is that a good match?

I'm an analyst myself and was asked if MBA is relevant to what the job is. Any educated person can answer that question but USCIS wanted a letter from some professor. If you attorney can not do it then approach your old professors and tell them that you need a letter stating that the job profile you have requires the degree which you also have.. Makes sense??? More like a recommendation letter without actually stating your name.

Originally Posted by siva008 View Post
Hi NoUserName,

here more details:

Bachelors in Civil
Masters in Civil
And having 3+ years experience as computer systems analyst

My lawyer is saying just educational evaluation is fine but after I read the query they are looking for more.

I really confused how to answer this query, if you have any ideal please help me
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