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Originally Posted by kg318 View Post
I work for company A which sent me to client C through company B(Prefered vendor). After working with the same client for 1.5 yrs, transfered my h1b to company B(PF) due to issues with the pay with company A. Company A has deducted huge sum of money($4000) from my last months pay towards PERM filing(Still under process). Upon demanding them to reimburse my money saying that its against law, they r threatening me saying that based on non-compete agreement they will take legal action against me.
I am not actually aware of the clauses in the agreement. company B(PF) told me that it does not have any clauses in its agreement with company A prohibiting them from taking me.Though i requested company A to provide me a copy of non-compete, they said i signed with them, they havenīt. The company is located in NJ and not sure how non-competes work under NJ state law.
I am really frustated upon this blackmail and going thru lot of pressure. The amount is too big too leave and cannot afford to hire a lawyer in case they file suit based on non-compete. even if i had signed a non compete agreement how does it stand as it is conflicting the agreement which company a signed with PF sayign tht upon my termination of the emplyment with them, Pf can take me without any gap period... what can i do to get my money. they also refused to provide me with experience letter which i need for my future GC filing.
Plz give me ur valuable inputs
i think as long as you are not working for the same client after you moving to the preferred vendor you should be good. Usually non-competes are created to protect their business. this is the simple non-compete. i think there are 2 solutions in your situation.

1. If company A is doing lot of business with company B or Client. You can ask help for the vendor or client to convince A. usually A should will oblige as they might risk future business from Vendor or Client.

2. As you have already told which company you would be working for.... ask A for a raise.....

As far experience letters are concerned...... they have to give it.
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