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Default Green card not received, EAD taken away, forced to file I90

My 485 got approved 3 months back. Once the status showd "Card Production Ordered". Then changed to "Post Decission Activity". I received the Welcome lettter that i have been grnated permanent resident statusI called USCIS some 45 days back. They mentioned the card has been mailed and file another I-90 mentioning my card is lost. I told them i have not received it at all and asked why i need to spend money and file I-90 again when i did not receive it at all. They said file I-90, thats all. I took infopass appointment. The IO at infopass gave same answer. We mailed the card, its lost, we did not receive it back, file I-90.
I asked if my EAD is valid until i get the green card. The officer asked if he can see my EAD. I had both me and my wife's EADs in a cover and gave both to him. Once he took it, he said he cannot give it back. I asked what should i do now and how should i show my status/ work authorization. He said your only option is to file I-90. Come back after filing I-90 and submitting fingerprints, then we will stamp on your passport. I have been cornered.

I have never missed a single mail. When i mentioned same in the post office, they said its absurd when i receive all mails except the card and that something is wrong with the sender. USCIS is making some blunder in sending the cards and forcing people to spend money and go through the hassle of applying for a new one. They dont check any further information other than bluntly saying "We mailed it, we have not received it back". Such important documents should have a tracking number so that we know that they have actually mailed. There is no way to know if they really mailed it.
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