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Did you contacted INS regarding this? Someone in my office told that one of his friend contacted INS regarding back wages. He received a phone call 3-4 months later from INS regarding his complain and was told that INS will investigate into the matter and if complain is valid then the former employer will be punished accordingly. He was told that INS has received many many such complaints and they have huge backlog and it is taking 3-4 months to reach to a complain but they are working on each of them.

the point here is not how long its gonna take. Its sure that they r gonna work if not immediately may be in 3-4 months. and once they see all the proofs(i do have proofs) whole company will be audited rock bottom, all the gc filing will be verified and single loophole is just enough to cause irriparable damage to the company. not only the reputation but i heard they will have a high penalty of 100's of thousands dollars. I have contacted one of the top lawfirms.for the matter of $4000 if the company chooses to do it, its their foolishness. also if they genuinely wanted to enforce non compete they wouldn't have used it as a threat agiainst payments they owe me.

Its not that I haven't made any efforts to reconcile with my ex-employer. I have tried and still trying to get them to have a civil conversation and settle this. But the more I try, i beleive, they r thinking the more scared i am and are being arrogant by not replying to any of my emails or phone calls. My reconciling efforts are giving them wrong hints i beleive. I am definetly stressed about this,thats true, but i am not scared because of all the info i gathered, I know even they do file a suit, I will be on the winning side. though i have option to go directly to DOL or USCIS and can show all the proofs i have regarding the deductions they have made, i haven't made till today just because of the kind of relationship we had earlier and also concerned about other h1bs who r with the company right now. I dont want their GC's to be in jeopardy. but if employer doesn't make the effort from his side, and pulls the thread till it breaks, i can't help it.
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