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Default one guy i know..

Who is american...confessed to me that he was ACTUALLY a nurse...before moving over to IT - he says..the pay and the JOB we know why NURSES are ahead of us rite ????

GORAS want only stinking jobs to get Greencards and continue to get thanked for the OPPORTUNITY provided...our jobs are what they envy...thats why they are making us suffer...

I have nothing against nurses, we all wud be nowhere without them, for the care that they provide and they are well respected and I bow my head to that profession...but pushing them in front of the line..just because US needs nurses...that stinks..

Next we know they will call sweepers, Toilet cleaners, garbage cleaners, Drain sweepers and rag pickers in the line in front of us...because people here don't want to do those jobs...i don't know what degree is needed to qualify there..or maybe they will stamp GC in the airport itself..upon landing..(Like the good old days!!!)
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