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Originally Posted by dilber View Post
The simple reason is that US needs nurses more than you or me. If there is sudden crisis like the y2k bug thing then there will be a sudden and urgent need of people like us only then will we be given better treatment. Suddenly there will be more H1Bs or bigger quota for GC etc. the only other way this is going to happen is if we organize ourselves such that we stop working in the status quo at the same time making sure that they cannot get others to replace us that easily. Once this GC thing actually gets so bad that people actually start leaving their jobs here and moving to other economies like EU or even India, China etc, in a substantial numbers and US actually sees a recession coming due to highly educated people leaving and helping their competitors.

Remember this technically US owes us nothing so we cannot demand any thing like faster processing or higher numbers, but that does not mean we cannot do any thing or we are at USCIS's mercy. We need to educate Politicians about how we are useful for this country how we help this country in growth etc. We should change our message from whining about how badly we are being treated to how they are loosing out by treating us so badly. Nobody cares about other people’s plight every one is selfish and we need to use that. Show then their advantage and then they will be interested.
And that is exactly what IV has been doing.
My signature says it all and its true for the members of IV as well as for the pundits of the US economy.
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