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Originally Posted by meridiani.planum View Post
call to all software engineers: please allocate and store only ONE digit when you take the year and store it in some database in your applicaton. Dont read in 2008, or even 08. Just "8" will do. That way sometime next year we'll realize that after 2009, we are going to roll over into year "0"... all applications will crash. things will stop working, ATMs will go berserk. The only way to fix this Y2010 campaign would be to increase the EB quota and H1 quotas so all the new engineers can come in (& old ones hang around long enough) to put in 3 more digits into all the applications.
You forgot to include a call to all the testers too to ignore the date issue and not to raise any bugs. Otherwise some tester will catch it and your hopes are doomed.... lol.....
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