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Looks pretty cool. I am also in the energy industry. I support a electricity trading desk and can appreciate your concern about dependence on foreign energy specifically of the fossil fuel kind.
Did you do an economic audit of installing the system? The part of pennsylvania that I live in is going to be deregulated in 2010 and electricity prices are projected to go up 30-40%.
I wanted to do an analysis on payoff on the system.Can you share cost numbers of the system?
Hey you can also sell RECs (renewable energy credits). In NJ I just bought a bunch for $300/MW-yr.

Originally Posted by mbartosik View Post
I see that you spotted a link I posted on another thread.
For readers of this thread here's the link
(That's photovoltaic solar tiles being installed)

My house is now zero net energy (electric and heating).
Solar electric power, with ground source heat pump for heating (takes heat out of ground powered by electric from solar), and quad glazing.
Next I plan to extract heat out from under the roof tiles to pre-heat water, and heat the pool, and bulk up many of the walls to 8 or 10" thick.

The more people get interested in this the better.

Mr. Dobbs appears frightened or angry about all the immigrants coming, what he needs to be frightened of is being dependent on imported energy. While he is sat at home a few miles from me (he also lives on Long Island), he is likely keeping warm in his mansion burning tons of oil. He could be putting his voice to real use rather than spouting drivel.
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