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Default Depends on the Salary

[quote=alseethis;254669]How is the market? I want to share my history and see if the situation is the same in other places.
I work in a small financial company in NJ since 2003 in IT. They are sponsoring my gc now. It's a growing company.
At that time it was my boss, me (programmer) and an american girl (crystal reports). She left and we replace with an indian guy green card holder. Later he left and we hire 2 crystal reports developers, an indian and a russian both green card holders. Later we decided to hire another developer. Join us a hong kong born citizen. I think he is naturalized now. Anyway. Later we hired another programmer, come an indian gc holder. She left and we hired another indian programmer (i think she's in h1)
Today we are trying to hire another programmer and so far, 1 month, no one show up.
I don't know if this situation is happening in other places, but from our experience since 2003.
- there are not many americans interested in IT ?!?
- the unemployment is not affecting IT so much ?!? No one is showing up to fulfill our position now and in the previous years.
- due to visa backlogs and restrictions, it's impratical to sponsor h1 or gc.

My opinion, this a good example that immigration not so bad for US. With good immigration we would had filed our position and not took an american job.

One of my friend is trying to recruit SAP guy in FL but he is not able to get GC guy due to pay. His company is not able to pay more than 110K.
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