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Well, I have said in my reply what would work. That is to do the hard and dirty job of calling the representatives one at a time, explain to them our situations, and try to gain their support. I have been doing that myself, along with many IV members, but we still need more people to participate, because the power comes from numbers.

As to the letter you posted, well it may be the first time IV got companies to write and sign them. But this is at least the third such letter I saw in the past two years, some from big companies, other from state governers. Have they changed anything? No. Were they a 'big victory' or a 'big step'? I doubt it. It's not like you have converted some anti-highly skilled immigration companies to pro-immigration companies. As far as I can tell, these companies have been holding pro-highly skilled immigration postion since many years ago. They favor US educated STEM, they favor increasing EB quota. So why is it so hard to get them agree on something they have been advocating?

btw: I know work is tough and criticizing is easy. But as a public organization, if you can't take criticizes, you can't improve.

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If you think the letters do not work, tell us what would work. We will work together and take that up.

It is very easy to criticize. But very difficult to execute an idea. It is not easy to get various organizations, company leaders to agree on 3 bills, let alone be willing to put their signature on a letter.

This is the first time, Immigrationvoice has been able to take part in this effort where Industry leaders, organizations and Immigrationvoice have together brought this issue to the attention of the lawmakers. Also note the absence of H1B in the letter. This is a big victory for us as industry and other organizations have begun to understand the greencard issue and how important it is to fix.

Even if the bills do not pass, this is definitely a big step towards Immigrationvoice goals.
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