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Default In person

You should apply in person.
There will be a short interview - basic questions like why you are going etc..

They most probably will not grant multiple entries. Single entry is approved for 6 months. But since you are going for H1 stamping, they will reduce the length of stay to a week at the port of entry.

One more thing to remember: In many cases, I have heard that the Embassy/Consulate asks for a letter from employer granting you leave to visit Canada for stamping.

Originally Posted by thakurrajiv
I got my 3 yrs H1 extension approved. I have appointment in Montreal on Oct 19th for US visa stamping.
My question is related to Canada visitor visa.
1. Do I and my wife physically need to go for canadian visitor visa ?
2. Can my friend submit our application and then collect the passport after visa stamp ?

3. I am planning to apply for multiple entry visa. Any ideas on the duration for which they will approve visa ?

I will really appreciate your experience sharing. Thanks in advance.
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