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Originally Posted by mirage View Post
I'm telling them my condition, and I know there are lot of people in the same boat. Again you need to talk to the lawyer about GC cost. Emplyee can bear all the GC related cost.
EAD/AP 360*2 + 305*3(Spouse + son) is almost 2K.
If your facts are different put that in writing and send it to them. Please stop telling me my facts. Also I have no idea why you are on this thread, please ignore this thread if it doesn't apply to you...


I don't understand why you are picking up on facts and faults on other post.What mirage is saying is true.I know 3 families stuck up in this GC process...all true cases.

There are some lucky people who have bought old labor substiution who came to US in 2004 and got their GC's cleared and are very .

Some really who have come here to in US for past 10 years genuine appliers are really stuck in this.They have all applied their labor and got them cleared only dec 2006.

people who are interested can send those letters if not ignore the thread.

If you are EB2 good for you...Its not that easy to change jobs having families..and when you are satisfied with the employer ,why would they change.

Everyone here want GC to stay in this country.And we all are here to find solutions thru IV - active participation is better.

Pani's letter is not that bad...if you dont like alter what you want to express and send it.People can write what they are facing only.

this is not an argument...just felt bad when you were point blankly picking on them.

I dont undestand

But one thing I understand there are many , in general like to irritate and hurt other's sentiments and thoughts and pinpoint only faults.

Becoz of this lack of unity only ,most of us face problems.

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