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Default Infopass experience - Name check pending

Just had an infopass appointment.

Me: Can you tell us the status of our 485s?
I/O: Name checks are pending for both
Me: Do you know when they were started?
I/O: At the time your application was submitted (duh!)
Me: Would our applications still be processed?
I/O: Yes, they are at TSC(duh!) and they are aware of the 6 month rule
Me: Are they assigned to an officer?
I/O: Right now they are with the officer"s" at Texas, as recently as July 31st, not too long ago.
Me: When do our fingerprints expire?
I/O: blank

I had enough by then.. dont think anything will happen to our apps this month. My wife will get a RFE, because of incomplete medicals (Xray), I was atleast hoping to get that RFE this month.
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